2019_05_Proceedings of the Seventh Annual GIFT Users Symposium

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The GIFT Users Symposia began in 2013 with the goal to capture successful implementations of GIFT from the user community and to share recommendations leading to more useful capabilities for authors, researchers, and learners of Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS). The attached proceedings resulted from papers accepted for the 7th Annual GIFT Users Symposium held in Orlando, Florida on 16-17 May 2019. It is a excellent collection of contributions covering all aspects of AIS implementation, with special attention towards future training and education concepts centered around collaboration and team dynamics.

The proceedings attached include the papers that have been approved for release to date. Three additional papers will be added in the next couple weeks once final approvals are received.

CHECK BACK SOON!!! Individual papers and with their associated presentations will be added to this page in the next week to come.


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