New Game and Course Available: Construction Equipment

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Each version of GIFT has come with a new domain of instruction, to serve as an example of how to use various capabilities. The EMAP functionality in the current GIFT release allow for a pedagogical engine to select content based on information about the learner, skip content based on pre-test information, assign remediation based on post-test information, assess learners in a practice environment, and assign feedback/remediation from observations. You can see examples of most of these items by downloading a construction environment/terrain and training course on the Files tab ( and following the instructions in the zip files.

Tell Us About Your Experiences with GIFT

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Hi GIFT Users... A new version of GIFT is now available to the public... we would like to hear about and share your experiences with GIFT. Have you applied GIFT in some novel way? In a classroom? Send us a picture of you and your class. For an evaluation or experiment? We would like to feature GIFT users and tell your story on

Email your stories to: and title your email "GIFT User Experience"


GIFT Development Team

GIFT 2014-2 Release available for download (revised)

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GIFT 2014-2 is now available for download by registered users on the GIFT Portal at

Download the file here:

Additions/improvements include:

  • Control Panel
  • DE Testbed integration
  • Performance Assessment Node Status Tool
  • GIFT Authoring Tool
  • Improved Learner State Panel (Monitor)
  • EMAP and Merrills Branch Point improvements
  • Additional Web browser support
  • AutoTutor Local SKO Option
  • Course configuration
  • Concept Assessment Improvements
  • Conversion Wizard Improvements
  • LRS + Course Recommendations

After downloading, more details are available in the release notes.

Agenda for the 2nd Annual GIFT Users Symposium

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Agenda for the 2nd Annual GIFT Users Symposium (GIFTSym2)
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thursday afternoon - 12 June 2014

Theme #1 - Authoring Intelligent Tutoring Systems

• 1300: Welcome and Challenges for ITS Authors - Robert Sottilare (#5)
• 1330: Unwrapping GIFT: A Primer on Authoring Tools for the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring - Michael Hoffman (#5)
• 1400: SimStudent: Authoring Expert Models by Tutoring - Christopher Maclellan (#1)
• 1430: SIMILE: An Authoring and Reasoning System for GIFT - Howard Mall (#12)
• 1500: Break

Theme #2: Tutoring System Interoperability

• 1515: Interoperable Performance Assessment for Individuals and Teams Using Experience API - Michael Hruska (#13)
• 1545: Game-based Architecture for Mentor-Enhanced Training Environments (GAMETE) - Thomas Santarelli (#14)
• 1615: Adaptive Training in the Soldier-Centered Army Learning Environment (SCALE) - Joanne Barnieu (#25)
• 1645: Adjourn for the Day

Friday morning - 13 June 2014

Theme #3 - GIFT - User Perspectives for Authors, Researchers, and Instructional Designers

• 0800: An Analysis of GIFT Users’ Experiences and Design Recommendations for Usability Enhancements in GIFT - Heather Holden (#17)
• 0830: The Research Psychologist's Guide to GIFT - Anne Sinatra (#9)
• 0900: Triggering and Structure of Instructional Interactions Within GIFT - Bob Pokorny (#24)

Theme #4 - Affect and other Non-Cognitive Factors in ITSs

• 0930: Investigating the Role of Physiological Measurement in Intelligent Tutoring - Jennifer Murphy (#10)
• 1000: Break
• 1015: Towards Detection of Engagement and Affect in a Simulation-based Combat Medic Training Environment - Ryan Baker (#27)
• 1045: It’s All About the Process: Building Sensor-Driven Emotion Detectors with GIFT - Jonathan Rowe (#18)
• 1115: Personalization, Non-Cognitive Factors, and Grain-Size for Measurement and Analysis in Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Implications for GIFT - Stephen Fancsali (#22)

Lunch - 1145 - 1300 (on your own)

Friday afternoon - 13 June 2014

Theme #5 - Teachable Agents

• 1300: Design Challenges and Recommendations for Multi-Agent Learning Systems Featuring Teachable Agents - Natalie Parde (#6)
• 1330: Learning by Teaching a Synthetic Peer: Lessons Learned from in vivo Field Trials - Noburu Masuda (#8)

Theme #6 Dialogue-based Tutoring

• 1400: Using GIFT as an adaptation engine for a dialogue-based tutor - Robbie Robson (#23)
• 1430: Rapid, Form-Based Authoring of Natural Language Tutoring Trialogs - Benjamin Nye (#11)
• 1500: Break

Theme #7: Intelligent Tutoring for Teams

• 1515: Taxonomy of Teams, Team Tasks, and Tutors - Stephen Gilbert (#26)
• 1545: Modality and Timing of Team Feedback: Implications for GIFT - Stephen Gilbert (#20)
• 1615: Adjourn for the Day

Friendly Reminder of GIFT User Experience Survey

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Dear GIFT User,

Please take about 5-10 minutes to complete the following GIFT User Experience Survey. The survey is web-based and user-friendly. The purpose of this feedback is to gain GIFT users' perspectives about your usage of GIFT. Your individual responses will be kept completely confidential; however, we will present the collective results at the 2nd Annual GIFT User Symposium in June 2014.

We appreciate your willingness to participate and value your feedback. Our hope is this process will help us meet and refine your expectations and experiences with GIFT. In order to accomplish this, please complete this survey by midnight of Wednesday, April 16th.

To begin, please click the following survey link:

GIFT 2014-1X release available for download

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GIFT 2014-1X is now available for download by registered users on the GIFT Portal (<>).
Download the file here:
We are moving to 9-month release cycles with a changed version naming scheme. Versions will now be named after the year they are released, by the order of their release. As an example, this version is GIFT-2014-1. In an effort to standardize, and to be able to release a single module, tool, or incremental update, there will now be “experimental” releases, with an ‘X’ denotation. As an example, this release is GIFT-2014-1X. Experimental releases have been tested to assure that all basic functionality works, but have not been fully regression tested. This experimental release introduces three new tools: the web-based GIFT Authoring Tool, the AutoTutor Script Authoring Tool, and the SIMILE Workbench.
Important changes made since the last release include:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 10 support
  • Chrome support remains present
  • IE9 abandoned without configuration
  • Concepts can be assigned priority values
  • Higher priority concepts receive feedback first
  • Priority values can be adjusted at runtime
  • GIFT Authoring Guide for how to build your own training application
  • Simple Training Application added to support this tutorial
  • GIFT web-based authoring tool
  • AutoTutor Script Authoring Tool (ASAT) for creating your own AutoTutor scripts.
  • SIMILE Workbench tool for authoring within-game assessments
  • Miscellaneous (ERT, feedback display, and install improvements, etc.)

After downloading ( more details are available in the release notes.


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