From 06/28/2018 to 07/27/2018


03:07 PM GIFT 2018-1 Released!
*GIFT 2018-1* is now available for download on the GIFT Portal at
Download GIFT 2018-1 dir...
Brawner, Keith


08:10 AM Systems of the Human Body Demo.Course
A demo course that teaches two Anatomy concepts using GIFT dynamic adaptation techniques. Use the GIFT Dashboard cour... Hoffman, Michael
08:09 AM Science is Zarked.Course
This course is designed to provide you with an introduction to the best practices in research methods. Use the GIFT D... Hoffman, Michael


01:02 PM ARL-SR-0354.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
01:02 PM ARL-SR-0393.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
01:02 PM Document: Bibliographies - Adaptive Training & Education Research
The bibliography reports attached below provide a comprehensive list of publications produced from 2013 through 2017 ... Sottilare, Robert


03:23 PM 2018_Adaptive Instructional Systems Standards Workshop_AIED Conference.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
03:22 PM Document: 2018_06_ITS Conference_AIS Standards Workshop Proceedings
This workshop was conducted under the auspices of the AI in Education (AIED) Conference as part of the Festival of Le... Sottilare, Robert
01:32 PM 1583.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
01:28 PM FINAL_Proceedings_GIFTSym6.pdf
Sottilare, Robert


02:42 PM Simple Example Unity Application
Initial GIFT Unity WebGL developer package that includes the Unity project (and source code) for the Simple Example U... Harrison, Steven

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