From 07/13/2016 to 08/11/2016


04:05 PM GIFT 2016-1 Cloud Available:
*GIFT 2016-1 Cloud with new authoring experience is now available for immediate use at Brawner, Keith


03:20 PM Proceedings_GIFTSym4_073116_Final.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
03:18 PM Design Recommendations for ITS_Volume 4 - Domain Modeling Book_web version_final.pdf
Sottilare, Robert


05:47 PM Proceedings of the Fourth GIFT Users Symposium now available
The GIFTSym4 Proceedings are now available. See for more information. Sottilare, Robert
05:40 PM Document: 2016_07_Proceedings of the Fourth Annual GIFT Users Symposium
The GIFT Users Symposia began in 2013 with the goal to capture successful implementations of GIFT from the user commu... Sottilare, Robert


09:23 PM GIFT 2016-1 with New Authoring Experience Now Available
*GIFT 2016-1* is now available for download on the GIFT Portal at
Download GIFT 2016-1 dir...
Hoffman, Michael


04:08 PM Volume 4 - Domain Modeling is available now!
The fourth book in the adaptive tutoring series, "Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems - Volume 4 ... Sottilare, Robert
04:02 PM Document: Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Volume 4 - Domain Modeling
This book is the fourth in a planned series of books that examine key topics (e.g., learner modeling, instructional s... Sottilare, Robert

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