GIFT 2016-1 with New Authoring Experience Now Available

Added by Hoffman, Michael almost 4 years ago

GIFT 2016-1 is now available for download on the GIFT Portal at

Download GIFT 2016-1 directly here:

Free GIFT Account registration required to download GIFT; GIFT is available at no cost

The new user experience and features allow you to:

- Develop GIFT Courses more intuitively with a drag-and-drop interface
- Create survey content more efficiently with a redesigned survey authoring system
- Personalize content for learners with branching courseflow via automatic branching and automatically generated quiz/assessment/remediation
- Create branching conversational agents with a new dialogue authoring tool
- Author GIFT content rapidly, directly alongside external training environments with the all new GIFT Wrap tool
- Create and deliver adaptive courses within a web-browser, no computer programming necessary!
- and more...