From 10/14/2018 to 11/12/2018


08:45 PM 2018_06_AIED AIS Standards WS_Brawner & Sottilare.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
08:39 PM Document: 2018_06_AIED Conference_AIS Workshop_Brawner & Sottilare
The core components of a tutoring systems appear to be widely agreed upon. As an example, Murray’s seminal review wor... Sottilare, Robert
08:32 PM paper7.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
08:28 PM Document: 2018_06_ITS Conference_AIS Standards Workshop_Component Interaction within the Generali...
This paper discusses the need for adaptive instructional system (AIS) standards and suggests the Generalized Intellig... Sottilare, Robert
08:18 PM paper6.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
08:16 PM Document: 2018_06_ITS Conference_AIS Standards Workshop_Exploring the Opportunities and Benefits ...
This paper describes the purpose, goals, and guiding questions for the Adaptive Instructional System (AIS) standards ... Sottilare, Robert


10:49 AM 2018_06_Sinatra_et al_Real-Time Communications in an ITS experiment.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
10:48 AM Document: 2018-06_AIED_Real-Time Communications in an Intelligent Team Tutoring System Experiment
In our paper we discuss an intelligent team tutoring system (ITTS) developed for a computer-based surveillance task e... Sottilare, Robert
10:40 AM 2018_06_Sinatra_DeFalco_Sottilare_Intro to Assessment and Intervention during Team Tutoring.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
10:38 AM Document: 2018_06_AIED Conference_Sinatra_DeFalco_Sottilare
The Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) is a domain-independent framework for developing intelligen... Sottilare, Robert
10:27 AM LS2018GIFT.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
10:26 AM Document: 2018_06_Learning @ Scale Conference_Towards Adapting to Learners at Scale: Integrating ...
Instruction that adapts to individual learner characteristics is often more effective than instruction that treats al... Sottilare, Robert
09:44 AM Document: 2018_08_20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association_Adaptive Instruction ...
This paper discusses the use of adaptive instruction to guide learning by stimulating non-adaptive virtual training e...

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