From 10/09/2018 to 11/07/2018


08:45 PM 2018_06_AIED AIS Standards WS_Brawner & Sottilare.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
08:39 PM Document: 2018_06_AIED Conference_AIS Workshop_Brawner & Sottilare
The core components of a tutoring systems appear to be widely agreed upon. As an example, Murray’s seminal review wor... Sottilare, Robert
08:32 PM paper7.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
08:28 PM Document: 2018_06_ITS Conference_AIS Standards Workshop_Component Interaction within the Generali...
This paper discusses the need for adaptive instructional system (AIS) standards and suggests the Generalized Intellig... Sottilare, Robert
08:18 PM paper6.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
08:16 PM Document: 2018_06_ITS Conference_AIS Standards Workshop_Exploring the Opportunities and Benefits ...
This paper describes the purpose, goals, and guiding questions for the Adaptive Instructional System (AIS) standards ... Sottilare, Robert


10:49 AM 2018_06_Sinatra_et al_Real-Time Communications in an ITS experiment.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
10:48 AM Document: 2018-06_AIED_Real-Time Communications in an Intelligent Team Tutoring System Experiment
In our paper we discuss an intelligent team tutoring system (ITTS) developed for a computer-based surveillance task e... Sottilare, Robert
10:40 AM 2018_06_Sinatra_DeFalco_Sottilare_Intro to Assessment and Intervention during Team Tutoring.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
10:38 AM Document: 2018_06_AIED Conference_Sinatra_DeFalco_Sottilare
The Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) is a domain-independent framework for developing intelligen... Sottilare, Robert
10:27 AM LS2018GIFT.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
10:26 AM Document: 2018_06_Learning @ Scale Conference_Towards Adapting to Learners at Scale: Integrating ...
Instruction that adapts to individual learner characteristics is often more effective than instruction that treats al... Sottilare, Robert
09:44 AM Document: 2018_08_20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association_Adaptive Instruction ...
This paper discusses the use of adaptive instruction to guide learning by stimulating non-adaptive virtual training e...


04:19 PM 2018_Sottilare_DHSS_A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach to ASG_V6.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
04:18 PM Document: 2018_09_DHSS Workshop_A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach to Automated Scenario Generati...
This paper examines machine learning methods to automatically generate a large number of child scenarios from a small... Sottilare, Robert
09:26 AM Sottilare_Using Student Mood and Task Performance to Train Classifier Algorithms.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
09:26 AM Document: 2009_Using Student Mood and Task Performance to Train Classifier Algorithms to Select E...
The ultimate goal of this research was to improve student performance by adjusting an Intelligent Tutoring System’s (... Sottilare, Robert


06:23 PM 2018_AISW1_Proceedings_Final.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
06:20 PM Document: 2018_03_Proceedings of the First AIS Standards Workshop
The first Adaptive Instructional Systems (AIS) Standards Workshop was held in March 2018 in Orlando, Florida. Procee... Sottilare, Robert

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