Release Notes 2022-1

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New Features

RIDE integration



Survey Result - Somewhere along the way in upgrading GIFT's xAPI statement generation it lost the ability it had to write the score results of a survey that was answered. This has now been restored and adheres to the GIFT xAPI profile.


Cognitive & Affective Learner State statements - In GIFT 2021-2 a significant effort was completed on creating statements for GIFT Performance Assessment (formative statements) and GIFT Publish Lesson Score (summative statements). In this release there is now support for writing statements on the Cognitive and Affective portions of a GIFT Learner State. This allows a course author to store the results of a scored survey (e.g. Grit, Motivation), the Knowledge level determined after the learner completes a Recall phase of an Adaptive Courseflow course object, and the Skill level determined after the learner completes a Real-time assessment activity (i.e. training application course object or Practice phase of an Adaptive courseflow course object - both need the appropriate authoring elements for this to work). It can also store the results of Affective classification done in the Learner module (e.g. using sensor data)


Stress and difficulty value in Over-ridding Summative Assessments
Now that the OC/T can manage the Summative Assessment scores in the Game Master Past Session UI, there are two things that happen in xAPI:
  • Void the previous statement - The original statement being overridden now has voided attribute with a value of true.
  • Create a new statement - The new summative assessment statement created is almost an exact copy of the original except that the OC/T's username is used, the score value is changed to 'overridden', the provided assessment value is used (e.g. Above Expectation), there is a reference to the original (now voided) statement and the timestamp is new.


Game Master

Third Party Upgrades

We have upgraded from JDK 8 to OpenJDK 11. With this Java upgrade came several other third party upgrades as listed below:
  • GWT → v2.7.0 to v2.9.0
  • GWT Query  → v1.4.2 to v1.5.0
  • Google Guice → v3.0 to v5.0.1
  • GWTBootstrap  → v0.9.4 to v1.0.1 
  • GWTBootstrap Extras  → v0.9.4 to v1.0.1
  • Derby → v10.10.1.1 to v10.15.2.0
  • Tincan With Dependencies → Tincan v1.1.2 jar is now standalone with dependencies added separately for easier maintainability
    • Lombok → v1.16.8 to v1.18.12
    • Dom4J → v1.6.0 to v2.1.0
  • Javassist (JAVA programming ASSISTant) → v3.12.0 to v3.28.0
Added Libraries
  • JAXB → v2.3.1
  • JavaFX  → v11.0.2
  • Zip4J  → v1.3.2
  • Jackson Annotations → v2.12.5
  • ActiveMQ → addition of 64 bit binary distribution for 64 bit JDKs
Replaced Libraries 
  • db-derby-
  • gwt-2.7.0
  • gwtbootstrap-0.9.4
  • gwtbootstrap-extras-0.9.4
  • tincan-1.1.2-jar-with-dependencies
  • javassist-3.12.0.GA
  • dom4j-1.6.1

Furthermore GIFT no longer uses Java Web Start to deploy the GIFT Gateway module via a jnlp file. This experience is something you would have seen at the start of a GIFT course on GIFT Cloud that required a GIFT Gateway module to run on your computer. Now a simple zip containing the GIFT Gateway module is provided instead. This also removes the need for a code signing certificate in GIFT that was used to sign the Java Web Start files in order to pass your browser's security checks. In the future we plan on making the GIFT Gateway module persist across GIFT courses so that you don't have to download the zip each time you run a course in GIFT Cloud that requires the Gateway module.


Test Procedures

Over the years we have collected a series of official test procedures for various parts of GIFT. We try to keep these procedures up to date with the latest user interface changes. We also create new ones as needed. Feel free to use these as a step by step guide to learn about how you can use GIFT.

attachment:"2022-1 Test"