From 10/25/2022 to 11/23/2022


06:09 PM Official Release of GIFT 2022-1 is Here!!!
Just in time for Thanksgiving!! We're happy to announce the public facing version of GIFT 2022-1 is now available!!
Goldberg, Ben
05:52 PM
A GIFT Course Export zip with courses on configuring your computer for the RIDE training application, single player s... Roberts, Nicholas
05:49 PM
RIDE Unity based training application used in the GIFT RIDE Exemplar courses. This version is compatible with GIFT 20... Roberts, Nicholas
04:31 PM
A regression tested version of GIFT that includes RIDE training application integration, additional xAPI statement su... Roberts, Nicholas


03:44 PM gift_eula.html
GIFT End User License Agreement Roberts, Nicholas


08:46 AM Document: 2022 I/ITSEC: STEEL-R Paper (Extending the TLA for Experiential Learning; Best Paper PS...
Defense-wide efforts are underway to modernize learning technologies and increase capabilities related...
Goldberg, Ben

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