From 08/29/2017 to 09/27/2017


10:48 AM DOI 10.1007_s40593-017-0147-y.pdf
Fletcher & Sottilare Sottilare, Robert
10:44 AM DOI 10.1007_s40593-017-0146-z.pdf
Sottilare, Burke, Salas, Sinatra, Johnston & Gilbert Sottilare, Robert
10:39 AM DOI 10.1007_s40593-017-0149-9.pdf
Sottilare, Baker, Graesser & Lester Sottilare, Robert
10:35 AM Document: 2017_09_Special Issue of the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Educat...
This special issue was published in 2017 and included the following six articles each of which is freely available fo... Sottilare, Robert


08:19 AM GIFTtutoring and GIFT Cloud Outage for Hurricane Irma
The "GIFT Server" is located in Orlando, Florida. While GIFT Cloud is available online (hosted by AWS), GIFTTutoring... Brawner, Keith


08:40 AM Volume 5 - Assessment Methods
Minor corrections (no impact on content) were made to Volume 5 and uploaded to Sottilare, Robert
08:36 AM Design Recommendations for ITS_Volume 5 - Assessment_final_errata corrected.pdf
Sottilare, Robert

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