GIFTtutoring and GIFT Cloud Outage for Hurricane Irma

Added by Brawner, Keith about 2 years ago

The "GIFT Server" is located in Orlando, Florida. While GIFT Cloud is available online (hosted by AWS), is locally hosted. Hurricane Irma is scheduled to hit Orlando over the course of the weekend, and sometime on Friday the GIFT server will be shut down. This will affect:
- This site (, bug tracking, ticketing, forums, etc.
- GIFT Cloud (which uses for authentication)
- GIFT Cloud DEV (the development server where things are tested before production)
- GIFT SVN (code development repository)
- Other hosted services (AutoTutor Script Authoring, etc.).

This outage is precautionary, and is anticipated to last only for the duration of the storm.

Users who need continuous access to GIFT during this time period are encouraged to download and use the offline version of GIFT located in the 'Downloads' tab (, now, if you have not already.