Release Notes 2018-1

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Full Release

The full release builds upon the interim releases mentioned below.

New Features


Interim Release : 2017-12-22

New Features

New Adaptive Courseflow course object

A new version of the Adaptive courseflow course object is being slowly introduced in this GIFT instance. The new version differs from the previous adaptive courseflow course object in the following ways:

  1. the rule phase is now optional
  2. remediation content can be organized and authored separately from Rule and Example content
  3. Remediation phase activities now include Summarize passage (a constructive activity) and Highlight passage (an active activity)

LTI Provider

GIFT is now an Learner Tools Interoperability (LTI) Provider. See [[|LTI Integration]] for more information. Also visit the Publish Courses page of your GIFT instance (after logging in to GIFT) to create an LTI published course.

Course progress

In the past, the only way to see records in the learner profile page of the GIFT dashboard would be to take a course that has a DKF with scoring rules authored. Now the learners progress through the course will be stored in the learner profile (more specifically the GIFT LMS db). This progress is calculated based on the number of course objects completed.


Course validation and startup in Dashboard

In previous versions of GIFT, once you login and reach the 'my courses' or 'take a course' page all of the courses are validated. To start a course you would first click the 'load course' button on the course tile of the course you wanted to take and then, once the course was loaded, press the 'start course' button. Now the course is validated, loaded and started by simply pressing 'take course'. This improves GIFT performance as well as your ability to quickly navigate to other parts of GIFT.

Another improvement to course validation is that GIFT is now storing the last modification date of the course and surveys as well as the last successful validation date. All of this information is then used to determine what, if any, part of the course needs to be validated before starting the course.

VBS3 v3.9.2

Due to recent licensing changes between Bohemia Interactive Simulations and the US military we were required to step up to the latest version of VBS, VBS3 v3.9.2. With this new version came a few changes to GIFT.

  1. GIFT Gateway interop config DIS settings now separate the DIS network port into two ports, one for sending from GIFT and one for GIFT receiving DIS traffic.
  2. updated GIFTVBSGame.bat with the new -gateway and -admin command line args. Remove -lvc arg as it is no longer applicable since LVC is gone in VBS.
  3. updated the GIFT VBS plugin project to visual studio 2017.
  4. the main menu detection was updated to support the new return value from VBS scripting.
  5. updated GIFT VBS install instructions at

Python upgrade

GIFT uses Python in the Learner module. Previously GIFT supported Python version because that was the version of WinPython that was available at the time the development took place. The new version of GIFT now supports Python Check the Downloads page of for an install of WinPython-64bit- (we downloaded the file from

YouTube videos

Authors can now set over and under dwell assessments with corresponding feedback when displaying YouTube videos in a GIFT course. In addition, the size of the video panel can be set with more granularity.


  1. improved performance
  2. improved error messages
  3. improved the Learner profile dashboard page with better layout of course records
  4. ability to delete multiple courses at once
  5. support for larger number of attempts for Adaptive Courseflow Recall phase (up to infinity)