From 06/02/2017 to 07/01/2017


08:52 AM ARL-CR-0816-GIFT Cloud Quick Start Guide (rev 1).pdf
GIFT Cloud Quick Start Guide (2017-06, rev 1) Ososky, Scott
08:51 AM Document: 2017_06_GIFT Cloud Quick Start Guide (Revision 1)
Welcome, this document is a *quick-start guide for GIFT Cloud*, the web-based application version of the Generalized ... Ososky, Scott
08:46 AM 2016-09-Ososky-HFES2016-GIFTCloud_ImprovingUsability.pdf
HEFS Conference Proceedings Ososky, Scott
08:45 AM Document: 2016_09_GIFT Cloud: Improving Usability of Adaptive Tutor Authoring Tools within a Web...
GIFT Cloud is the recently released web-based application version of GIFT, an open-source computer based tutoring arc... Ososky, Scott


10:00 AM 2017_06_AIED_Sottilare et al_Team Meta-Analysis.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
09:51 AM Document: 2017_06_Designing Adaptive Instruction for Teams: a Meta-Analysis_IJAIED
The goal of this research was the development of a practical architecture for the computer-based tutoring of teams. T... Sottilare, Robert


07:42 AM GIFT YouTube Videos Posted
One of the requirements from the last GIFTSym was that GIFT should have a number of tutorial videos explaining its ba... Brawner, Keith


06:43 PM 2017_06_AIED_Fletcher and Sottilare.pdf
Sottilare, Robert
06:42 PM Document: 2017_06_Shared Mental Models in Support of Adaptive Instruction for Teams Using the GIF...
Abstract. Teams and teamwork are ubiquitous in military and civilian organizations. Their importance to organizationa... Sottilare, Robert

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