2015_09_DHSS_Domain Modeling in Support of Adaptive Instructional Decisions in the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring

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This paper focuses on aspects of domain modeling for Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs), adaptive training tools to support one-to-one computer-based instruction. Domain modeling represents knowledge for a particular task or concept and includes: domain content (a library of scenarios or problem sets); an expert or ideal student model with measures of success; and a library of tactics or actions (e.g., questions, assessments, prompts, and pumps) which can be taken by the tutor to engage or motivate the learner and optimize learning. Today, ITSs support well-defined domains in mathematics, physics, and software programming. Since the military often operates in complex, dynamic, and ill-defined domains, it is necessary to expand the scope of domain modeling. We examined domain knowledge representation across a variety of dimensions: task domains, complexity, definition, and physical interaction modes in order to understand instructional options and drive adaptive training decisions.

Sottilare, R., Ososky, S., & Boyce, M. (2015). Domain modeling in support of adaptive instructional decisions in the generalized intelligent framework for tutoring. In International Defense and Homeland Security Simulation Workshop of the I3M Conference.


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