Release Notes 2017-1

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interim releases


New Features

Microsoft Band 2 Sensor
Integrated the sensor into the GIFT Sensor module. GIFT retrieves accelerometer, skin temperature and GSR values. You will need the GIFT Microsoft Band Broadcaster application in order to communicate with the band (Windows 10 only).

Slide Show Course object
The slide show course object allows course authors to convert Microsoft PowerPoint slide shows into images (.png files) that are presented to the learner without the need for PowerPoint to be installed on the learner’s computer. Please refer to the slide show course object editor in the course authoring tool for more information.


GIFT Authoring Tool (GAT)
  • Course tree UI improvements including:
    • horizontal layout instead of vertical
    • all course object editors are now in line with the course tree panel
  • Survey composer UI improvements including:
    • Improved loading time of existing surveys
    • Improved read-only UI
    • Copy survey item from within a survey
    • Copy survey item from another survey
  • Course copy items:
    • Copy course object from within a course
    • Copy DKF/Conversation Tree from within a course
  • Conversation Tree improvements
    The GIFT conversation tree editor in the course authoring tool was improved to be more user friendly. Furthermore, help messages and error checking were added.
  • Misc.
    • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements
    • Improved error handling and reporting
    • More tooltips and help
    • Copy course from GIFT Dashboard course tile
    • Adaptive Courseflow course object editor
      • now shows Rule/Example/Practice content in your course folder that aren’t associated with the course concepts being covered in that course object.
      • Changed the Check on Learning authoring UI by using sliders instead of text fields to assign assessment rules to the number of questions a learner must correctly answer to be assigned the label of Novice, Journeyman or Expert.