Game Master 2022-1

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The Game Master is an observer controller / trainer (OC/T) GIFT tool that provides a user interface to :

  • monitor tasks modeled in GIFT for adaptive exercise control
  • view real time automated assessments as they occur
  • provided time synched observed assessments and bookmarks/notes
  • manually apply scenario injects and coaching strategies
  • explore a time line of events during an After Action Review (AAR)

It is accessible through the GIFT Dashboard as seen in the following screenshot.
Note: The Game Master is not available on server instances of GIFT, e.g. GIFT Cloud.

Session types

There are two session types available to select from in the Game Master, Active Session and Past Session.

Active Session

An Active Session is a session that is currently being assessed by GIFT. In terms of the GIFT course and course creator, this means a training application course object or interactive activity using a real-time assessment (aka domain knowledge file (dkf)) is currently being used to assess state data and learner actions during a training scenario. Each session listed on the Active Sessions list of the Game Master could include a single learner or multiple learners.

Past Session

A Past Session is a session that has already completed. The past session is shown in the Past Session list because there is a GIFT log file that contains the details of that session. A single GIFT log file might contain multiple real time assessment sessions which results in multiple selectable entries on the Game Master Past Session list user interface.

To access the Game Master time line features you need to select a Past Session.

Mission panel

The Mission panel provides high level information about the ongoing mission.

Teams and Roles panel

The Teams and Roles panel displays the playable team members that are being assessed. You can use this to filter the Objective panels to show Tasks that are for a specific team or team member.

Objectives panel

The Objectives panel shows all of the Tasks the learners are being assessed on. You can use this to filter the Time line to show the selected Task.

Map panel

The Map panel provides a top down view of the environment. It can display:

  • locations of all entities in the training environment
  • weapon fire events
  • munition detonation events
  • current assessment of a learner
  • additional attributes on entities in the training environment (e.g. id, velocity, health, orientation)

Map symbols

The map symbols are represented as 2525 icons (MIL-STD-2525) based on a translation of Entity Type to SIDC done by GIFT. To further enhance the presentation of these symbols, the Game Master applies additional attribution based on GIFT learner state.

Above/At Expectation -
Below Expectation -
Unknown / Not Assessed -

Assessment panel

The Assessment Panel is where Task/Concept assessments are visualized. The instructor has the ability to provide observed assessments and over-ride automated assessments.

This panel, like the time line, can be filtered using the Objectives panel.

Concepts views

There are two ways the Task/Concept hierarchy can be visualized in the Assessment panel: Collapsed or Expanded.

Collapsed Concept view

In this view only the Task and leaf concepts are shown. Those concepts requiring observer assessments (yellow highlighted) are sorted to the beginning for easier access by the OC/T.

Expanded Concept view

In this view the entire Task/Concept hierarchy is shown. As is the case in Collapsed Concept view, those concepts requiring observer assessments (yellow highlighted) are sorted to the beginning for easier access by the OC/T.

Scenario Inject panel


The Game Master provides a way to add bookmarks or notes during an Active Session. This can be done by recording an audio file or providing a text based message. When using a touch screen devices such as a tablet, the Game Master offers a Gesture mode as seen below:

To review the notes taken during an Active Session visit the Notes rows of the Game Master Past Session time line or the Notes panel as seen below:

Time line panel

The Time line panel is available for Past Sessions. This panel shows the assessments, scenario injects and bookmarks/notes organized according to time. You can control the playhead of the playback using your mouse or the playback control buttons (e.g. pause, loop).

The task(s) displayed in this panel can be filtered based on the selection in the Objectives Panel.

Video panel

The video panel provides a place to add time synchronized videos captured during the training session. Instructors can add videos using the Add Video dialog and associate various attributes with each video such as display name, time at which the video should start playing, time within the video to start at, and which task/concept the video should be associated with.


The settings picker is used to further customize what is shown or heard in the Game Master. We are still exploring which settings should be enabled / disabled by default based on user feedback and use cases.