Important Update to GIFT Cloud

Added by Sottilare, Robert about 3 years ago

The GIFT team has some exciting news to share with you, the community. Last year, we launched the alpha version of GIFT Cloud, a web-based version of GIFT that provided greater accessibility to our platform by eliminating the need to download the GIFT software. Soon, after Thursday, June 30th, 2016, we will be providing a significant update to GIFT Cloud that will improve the efficiency and usability of tutor authoring. Most notably, the upcoming update will include the following:

- A completely redesigned visual course authoring interface
- An enhanced survey authoring system, integrated directly into the course authoring UI
- A cleaner look for the authoring workspace, overall

Looking ahead, this update will also provide a foundation to more quickly address your comments and feedback with improvements to both the authoring and research experiences within GIFT Cloud.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Because of the magnitude of this update, all courses and experiments will need to be removed from GIFT Cloud. Any content that you have created within GIFT Cloud should be exported to your local computer before Thursday, June 30th, 2016. This includes:

- Courses you have created
- Experiments you have created using the "My Experiments" interface
- Experimental data collected using the "My Experiments" interface

Please contact us if you require any assistance in exporting your existing courses. You will be able to import your courses into GIFT Cloud once the update has been completed. We appreciate your understanding as we deliver these important updates. The GIFT team remains committed to providing a positive experience for our research community and course creators.