GIFTSym4 Update - date change and hotel information

Added by Sottilare, Robert over 3 years ago

Hi GIFT Users...

As you know we will be holding the 4th Annual GIFT Users Symposium in Princeton, NJ this May... it will be held the same week as previously scheduled, but the days have move around a bit...

GIFTSym4 will now begin Wednesday afternoon at 1pm on 25 May and will end at 5pm on Thursday afternoon, 26 May. Wednesday afternoon will be a showcase of 4 papers to highlight the diversity and complexity of GIFT development.

To make hotel reservations to attend GIFTSym4 at the Chauncey Hotel and Conference Center please call Jessica Menshoff before April 4th, 2016... her contact information follows...

Jessica Menshoff, 609.279.6430,

Her work hours are 8:00 am EST to 4:30 pm EST.

Jessica has access to the Chauncey system and can make the hotel reservations for GIFTSym4 at $127/night. Please do not email credit card information to Jessica.

Please make your reservations for the GIFTSym4 room block by the deadline or the hotel rate will increase.