GIFT 3.01 Update has been released

Minor changes made in response to the community to address the Export Tutor tool, embedded PowerPoint audio, and simplification of install.
Added by Brawner, Keith almost 11 years ago

GIFT 3.01 is released with three minor changes:
1 - It has been modified to support a single 'unzip' action, in response to community comments against GIFT distribution zip folder.
2 - Embedded audio and longer filepath structure is now supported.
3 - A bug has been fixed related to the use of the Export Tutor Tool with newly created Survey Authoring System surveys.

More detail is available in the GIFT 3.0 to GIFT 3.01 patch notes. The GIFT 3.01 patch can be used to update an existing GIFT 3.0 installation.

A GIFT 3.0 user should update to GIFT 3.01 if either of the following applies:
1 - They intend to use the Export Tutor tool for surveys made with the SAS.
2 - They have experienced issues with any of the PPT files not playing sound when expected.