Official Release of GIFT 2021-2 is Here!!!

Added by Goldberg, Ben over 2 years ago

The time has arrived...GIFT 2021-2 is now available!!

Download GIFT 2021-2 directly here:

A GIFT account is required to download the software, and is available at no cost.

This release features:
- First team-focused use case within a Unity based scenario, highlighting team tutoring functions, along with new condition classes and assessment logic.
- Game Master improvements with new visualization supports and a Summative Assessment Scoring Dialog.
- Implementation of GIFT messages in a Protobuf Syntax.
- Better course sharing with improved settings and permissions.
- Enhanced xAPI generation capabilities, with a 'Chain of Custody' component that references back to the specific training instance and GIFT data logs an xAPI statement was generated from.
- Improved TEAM tutoring, with multiple players, lobby system, and...
- Integration with the desktop version of Unity
- New condition classes and scenario adaptation supports in synthetic game environments
- Integration with the open source Competency and Skill System (CaSS)
- Interactive remediation supports now implemented
- And more!

GIFT Cloud updates will still be deployed regularly, so keep track of GIFT news items for announcements on new functionality.

For a full breakdown of all new functions and services, visit this link to the GIFT2021-1 release notes: