2015_08_HCII_Augmented Cognition on the Run: Considerations for the Design and Authoring of Mobile Tutoring Systems

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This paper discusses considerations for design and authoring of mo-bile intelligent tutoring system (ITSs). ITSs are on the rise as tools for desktop tutoring of cognitive tasks (e.g., problem solving and decision making). To be-come truly ubiquitous, ITSs will be required to leave the desktop and support interactive, adaptive instruction on-the-move via mobile devices. We examined the capabilities of Google Glass as a potential hands-free platform to support mobile tutoring and found many of the functions serviceable as proxies to desk-top tutoring functions. The potential of mobile platforms like Google Glass integrated with the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT) provides a practical example on which to discuss limitations and project future capabilities for mobile tutoring.

Sottilare, R. A. (2015, August). Augmented cognition on the run: considerations for the design and authoring of mobile tutoring systems. In International Conference on Augmented Cognition (pp. 683-689). Springer, Cham.