2015_03_Fundamentals of Adaptive Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Self-Regulated Learning - ARL Special Report

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The tutorial described in this report was conducted at the Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference (IITSEC) in Orlando, FL, in December 2014. The purpose of this tutorial is 5-fold: 1) understand the differences between adaptive and adaptable systems; 2) understand the key components of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs); 3) understand the potential of ITSs as one-to-one tutors and where ITS technologies are most applicable in the training and educational domain; 4) understand the concept of self-regulated learning (SRL); and 5) understand how ITS design can support SRL.

Sottilare, R. A. (2015). Fundamentals of adaptive intelligent tutoring systems for self-regulated learning (No. ARL-SR-0318). ARMY RESEARCH LAB ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND MD HUMAN RESEARCH AND ENGINEERING DIRECTORATE.


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