2011_05_ITEC - Human Interaction in Embedded Virtual Simulations

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Abstract: The members of a NATO Human Factors and Medicine (HFM) Panel Research Task Group (RTG) spent the last three years examining issues related to human effectiveness within embedded virtual simulations (EVS) for training. EVS is an enabling technology that provides an interface to interactive simulations that reside within or are appended to the operational equipment. It can provide links to local and/or geographically distant trainees and instructional resources. EVS enables a full range of capabilities that support training and development of individual and team knowledge and skills. The RTG evaluated four primary topics associated with EVS: military requirements, training management, human interaction and the utility of intelligent agents within embedded virtual training environments. This paper presents the group’s evaluation of the human interface to EVS and the impact of human factors on learning and applications of EVS.

Magee, L. E., Sottilare, R., & Roessingh, J. J. (2011, May). Human interaction in embedded virtual simulations. In proceedings of the International Training Equipment Conference, Cologne, Germany (pp. 10-12).