2017_07_HCII_Recommendations for use of Adaptive Tutoring Systems in the Classroom and in Educational Research

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Citation: Sinatra, A. M., Ososky, S., Sottilare, R., & Moss, J. (2017, July). Recommendations for Use of Adaptive Tutoring Systems in the Classroom and in Educational Research. In Foundations of Augmented Cognition (pp. 223-236). Springer International Publishing.

Abstract: The current paper and presentation provide background on the differ-ent uses of intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) in context of course instruction, discusses specific instructor considerations that are associated with their use, and ways to use ITSs for educational research. Instructor considerations include the time necessary to plan prior to constructing an ITS, the process of construct-ing ITS lessons for use by students, the method in which students will interact with the ITS, approaches to incorporating ITS use into classes, and the infor-mation that instructors would find useful to be output from the ITS. Specifical-ly, the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT), an open-source, domain independent ITS framework will be discussed as an approach to creat-ing adaptive tutoring content for classroom use. GIFT includes straightforward authoring tools for instructors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). These au-thoring tools are powerful, do not require a background in computer science to use, and result in fully adaptive computer-based lessons. Additionally, GIFT provides the flexibility for instructors to bring their pre-generated and already existing instructional material to the system and use it to create ITS lessons. The authoring tools allow the instructor to determine the path of their lesson and the components that their students will experience (i.e. surveys, quizzes, lesson materials, videos). The paper includes details about the development of an instructor dashboard in GIFT, ways for an instructor to use GIFT for educa-tional research, and a discussion of general output information from ITSs that would be relevant to instructors.

Keywords: Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Classroom, Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring, Educational Research, Adaptive Tutoring


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